About Us

THE MOO, a local Australian company, a fashionable beverage lifestyle brand, was founded in 2019. The main healthy drinks (purple rice, oats yogurt, fresh fruit yogurt, colorful fruit tea series) “Universe” means the whole world, “Ranch” represents nature and purity, presenting the most authentic flavors of the world in front of you which is the business philosophy of Universe Ranch deeply into the heard of the people. The founding team adheres to the concept of “creating the ultimate life belonging to THE MOO”, under the strict control of focusing on the quality of yogurt, the simple raw materials are made to the ultimate deliciousness drink and the ultimate goal is to share the new category model of “minimalism and health”, the purpose is to improve the quality of drinks to show the attitude of the lifestyle that belongs to THE MOO. Since its establishment, there have been more than 10 franchise stores and foreign franchise stores in Australia in just one year. In the future, THE MOO will still rely on naturism culture, select high-quality yogurt milk sources, adhere to craftsmanship, and share health as the belief, and become a lasting profitable international beverage chain brand.